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Ashwin February 23, 2019

Want to sell on 2Gud?

If you fulfill above mentioned criteria, It doesn't guarantee your on-boarding on 2gud.com but it may increase your chances. Please mail at sellercare@2gud.com and let them know about your stock. One of their officials will visit your office, you have to rate yourself on a form about product quality...
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Ashwin February 23, 2019

2Gud is working too good.

Small sellers are still waiting for eBay to relaunch as it was once but there is no hope, smart idea would have been creating another eBay with same sellers and I am sure it would have been a super hit idea, and if flopped at-least they could say they tried....
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Ashwin August 02, 2018

Golden Era of deep discount ends soon?

A draft is being circulated among stakeholders not to approve but for discussion to restrict discount, A policy that is going to hurt market. According to initial draft no any online platform, marketplace or retailer be allowed to influence sale price of a particular product. Step that could comp...
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